Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will the Home Inspection Report Kit save me time?

    A: Immediately after you complete your inspection, you simply hand over the completed report to your client. There are no computers, software, email, or internet uploading or downloading to fool with. This means that you DO NOT have to go back to our office and computer to complete the report. When you leave the inspection site, you are DONE!

Q: How will the Home Inspection Report Kit save me money?

    A: There are NO "per report" fees with the Home Inspection Report Kit. You buy the Report Kit, and never have to pay for another report again. Most home inspection reports that are currently available charge between $8 to $20 PER REPORT !! If you do 100 inspections per year, that's a savings of $800 to $2,000 per year. If you do 500 inspections per year, that's a savings of $4,000 to $10,000 per year !!

Q: What exactly do I get when I purchase the Home Inspection Report Kit?

    A: You will receive all of the Home Inspection Report Kit files VIA EMAIL within 24 hours after placing your order. This includes the Report Kit file, the Instruction file, the Copyright License file, the Report Modification file, and any bonuses. These are all PDF or Microsoft Document (DOC) files that allow easy viewing, saving, and printing on any computer.

Q: I'm new to the home inspection business. Is the Home Inspection Report Kit good for me?

    A: The Home Inspection Report Kit is probably PERFECT for you !! The Report Kit is perfect for anyone just starting out in the business because it will help guide you through each inspection and will help you to not miss anything. The Report Kit is also widely used by many experienced Home Inspectors because it allows them to spend most of their time conducting the actual home inspection, and NOT spending a lot of your time dealing with computer and software issues.

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