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Home Inspection Report Kit

A simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-use
Home Inspection Report system.

Would you like to SAVE TIME and SAVE MONEY in your Home Inspection business? Are you tired of conducting a 3-hour home inspection, only to go back to your office and spend ANOTHER HOUR working on the Home Inspection Report? Are you fed up with paying a fee for each report that you use? How would you like to NEVER have to deal with troublesome and time-consuming software again? If any of this appeals to you, this HOME INSPECTION REPORT KIT may be just right for you.


"Use this Home Inspection Report Kit to Simplify Your Business, Save Time, home inspection report writingAND Save Money !"

"Finally! A Home Inspection Report that is simple, easy-to-use, very effective, and presents a professional image !"

Dear Fellow Home Inspector,

Whether you're just starting out as a home inspector or if you've been a home inspector for many years, this Home Inspection Report Kit may be just what you have been looking for.

home inspectorMy name is Mike Pompeii. I am an experienced home inspector, have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Engineering, and am a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). I've also authored several popular books: "Become a Home Inspector!" and "Build Your Own Home!" I'm telling you this because I have been around the block and back in the home inspection business, and I would like to share with you a valuable lesson that I learned along the way.

Here is that lesson in a nutshell:

What your home inspection customers REALLY want is your knowledge and expertise about homes, and this information must be conveyed to them in a SIMPLE and CONCISE manner. The SIMPLER, the BETTER !!!

This means that most of your customers DON'T REALLY CARE if you use a super fancy software generated report... in fact, my customers actually PREFERRED a simple, handwritten report that was delivered to them ON-SITE.

Why? Because the report was CLEAR, CONCISE, EASY TO UNDERSTAND, and they received the report IMMEDIATELY after the inspection.

I'll say it another way... My customers actually DID NOT CARE if the report had photos, fancy fonts, and lots of hard to read text. THEY JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF ANYTHING WAS WRONG WITH THEIR HOUSE.

This was great news for me. I was tired of spending 3 hours on an inspection, only to go back to the office and spend another HOUR messing with complicated software and generating a fancy report. With the simple hand-written report, I was COMPLETELY finished after my 3 hour inspection, my customer had a professional looking report in their hand, and I WAS DONE.

Just think about it:

  • No more going back to the office to finish
  • No more time spent wrestling with complicated software
  • No more time spent typing in comments
  • No more uploading photos
  • No more emailing or uploading reports
  • No more computer hassles.
I actually had an EXTRA HOUR to spend with my wife and kids !


The answer is... it depends. It depends on the type of report that you use, the format of the report, and how neatly you can write or print. Let's look at this in more detail.

If you are going to use a report with hand-written comments, my experience says that a report that has both a CHECKLIST and a NARRATIVE section is best. The checklist helps to guide you through the inspection and to not miss anything. The narrative section lets you describe whatever you find.

And, of course, the report must present a professional appearance. This can be done by: 1) formatting and organizing the checklists and narrative sections in a simple and straightforward manner, and 2) printing neatly.



If you can print letters and words neatly, then a report with handwritten comments is definitely for you. Being an engineer and former draftsman, I could write comments in very neat block letters in my home inspection reports.

But what if you can't write or print neatly, no matter how hard you try? A handwritten report with scribbles and hard-to-read words just does not present a professional image. You have several options here: Either practice writing neatly until you can do it well, or you must use a computer-generated report or software.

I've always used block lettering in my reports because it is consistent and easy to read. Block lettering is simply writing in all capital letters, and is simple to practice and easy to get good at it.


That's what I thought, too. But in the home inspection business, I found this to be simply not true. Software and computers definitely make MANY things in life and business easier, but in my experience, NOT when it comes to home inspection reports!

I learned this lesson the hard way by spending a lot of time and a lot of money experimenting with different types of home inspection software and different types of checklist-type reports.


There are many types of excellent home inspection reports that are available, but most have several MAJOR DOWNFALLS that really turned me off...

  • Too much info is jammed into too little space.
  • The fonts are too small and hard to read.
  • You have to pay about $8 to $20 PER REPORT !!

I can't believe that some home inspectors actually pay these fees for each and every report they use. If you do 100 inspections per year, that's an extra $800 to $2,000 out of your pocket. If you do 500 inspections per year, that's a whopping $4,000 to $10,000 out of your pocket !!!


This HOME INSPECTION REPORT KIT solves ALL of these issues, and is available for you to purchase and use.

I developed and refined this HOME INSPECTION REPORT KIT over the course of many years and many home inspections. It's simple, neatly formatted, and very effective. It also saves you precious time AND money.

Best of all, my customers and their realtors SIMPLY LOVE THIS REPORT, without exception. Why? Because it conveys all the important information in a CLEAR and CONCISE manner and the customer and realtor don't have to wait hours or days for the report. They receive the report ON-SITE.

Here's what others say:

"Mike, I'm like you in the simpler the better approach...everyone says my reports are clear, concise, and professional...you have made a big difference in my business, and I wanted to thank you."
---Richard M., New York

"I was a little skeptical at first, but after giving the report a try, I have to tell you that I am now hooked."
---Jerry G., Utah

"Hey Mike, really like using the report kit...it's so much easier...no more software hassles for me!"
---Steve T., California

"Your report kit really did simplify my business...and my clients and real estate agents really like the report...thank you!
---Mike B., Florida


Get Your FREE Home Inspection Report Kit Sample Pages and Information...

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via email, check your spam filter.

home inspection report samples The Home Inspection Report Kit is the complete and easy solution for reporting in your Home Inspection business... it contains 18 pages of the exact information you need. No fillers, no fluff, no nonsense... just the simple, clear, and concise facts that your customers want and need... all presented in a neatly packaged, highly effective, and professional manner.

The Report Kit uses a combination checklist and narrative type of report. The checklist is specially designed to guide you through the inspection, and the narrative is used to explain what you found.

The Report Kit includes the following:

  • Cover Page that you can easily customize with your company name and information.
  • Pre-inspection agreement
  • Lot & Landscaping form
  • Exterior form
  • Roofing form
  • Foundation form
  • Framing form
  • Insulation form
  • Plumbing form
  • Heating / Cooling form
  • Electrical form
  • Kitchen form
  • Bathrooms forms (3)
  • Interior form
  • Safety form
  • Continuation form for any extra comments


1. Customize the Cover Page with your company name, address, logo, and any other info that you want. You can easily do this with a computer and a printer, or just take it to a local print shop and let them do it.

2. Print out the entire report from your computer and printer.

3. Conduct your inspection, check the proper boxes, and write in any narrative comments. IT'S EASY !

4. Assemble your completed report and place it in a single clasp report cover (available at any office supply store). A NEAT & PROFESSIONAL REPORT !

5. Present the report to your customer, on-site, and point out any findings, first-hand and on-site. This is why you do not need digital photos.

6. Collect your fee, and you are DONE when you leave the inspection site. No computers, no extra work, no downloading photos, no emailing reports!

If you are serious about simplifying your business and saving your valuable time and money, then the Home Inspection Report Kit is a MUST have.

I've seen and worked with all types of reports and software, and there is no need for you to learn everything the hard way... you can now purchase this Home Inspection Report Kit for just $79.

But I won't stop there. I want the Report Kit to provide you with exactly what you need to simplify your business and achieve success. So I'm including three POWERFUL FREE bonuses.

If you order the Home Inspection Report Kit RIGHT NOW for just $79, you'll also receive:

BONUS #1: Copyright License

home inspection list This report system is protected by federal copyright laws, but with this license certification, you can make as many copies of the Home Inspection Report as you need for your business.
(A value of $11.95 per inspection.)

BONUS #2: Modification File

home inspection report Want to add, delete, or modify something in the report? Or maybe add your own personal touches? Easily make changes in wording or format with this Microsoft Word master file.
(A $39.95 value.)

BONUS #3: Reference Guide: Most Common Home Inspector Comments

home inspection report writing This 70-page reference guide lists the most common comments that you will use in the narrative section of the Report Kit. About 80% of the comments will be the same from house to house, and they are all listed here for easy reference. (A $29.95 value.)

The complete Home Inspection Report Kit and Three Powerful Bonuses... ALL for just $79.

GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with your Home Inspection Report Kit, for any reason, I'll refund your money. It's that simple. I am so convinced that you will be delighted with this Report Kit, I'm going to give you a full 2 weeks to decide. That's right... Try the Home Inspection Report Kit for up to 2 weeks and if you're not completely satisfied, I'll refund your full purchase price.

Best wishes,

Mike Pompeii, P.E.

Let's recap what you'll receive:

  • Customizable Cover Page
  • Pre-inspection agreement
  • Lot & Landscaping form
  • Exterior form
  • Roofing form
  • Framing form
  • Insulation form
  • Plumbing form
  • Heating / Cooling form
  • Electrical form
  • Kitchen form
  • Bathrooms form
  • Interior form
  • Safety form
  • Continuation form

  • BONUS #1: Copyright License for the Report
  • BONUS #2: Report Modification File
  • BONUS #3: Reference Guide: Most Common Home Inspector Comments

All for only $79. Order now --- you'll be glad you did!

Best wishes-

Mike Pompeii, P.E.

P.S. This Report Kit will MORE than pay for itself after just ONE inspection.

P.P.S. There are NO shipping or handling charges with this product.

P.P.P.S. And the purchase price of this Report Kit is TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a business expense, saving you even more money.

ORDER NOW and simplify your business !

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