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Home Inspection Report Kit

A simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-use
Home Inspection Report system.

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The Home Inspection Report Kit is a simple and affordable solution for reporting the results of a Home Inspection. It comes in the form of Microsoft Word and Adobe pdf files with neatly pre-formatted blank forms that you can easily print out with a computer and printer.

The forms in this report contain a checklist and narrative section; the checklist section is specially designed to help guide you through the inspection, and the narrative section is used for you to write down what you found.

The Report Kit file includes the following:

  • Cover Page that you can easily customize with your company name and information.
  • Pre-inspection agreement
  • Lot & Landscaping form
  • Exterior form
  • Roofing form
  • Foundation form
  • Framing form
  • Insulation form
  • Plumbing form
  • Heating / Cooling form
  • Electrical form
  • Kitchen form
  • Bathrooms forms (3)
  • Interior form
  • Safety form
  • Continuation form for any extra comments

Click here and here to view some sample forms.



1. Open the MS Word file on your computer, then customize the Cover Page with your company name, address, logo, and any other info that you want.

2. Print out the entire 18+ page report using your computer and printer.

3. Conduct your inspection, check the proper boxes, and write in any narrative comments.

4. Assemble your completed report and place it in a single clasp report cover (available at any office supply store).

5. Present the report to your customer, on-site, and point out any findings, first-hand and on-site. Optional: If you want to include photos, you can email any digital photos separately to your customer.




1. Report Files. A Microsoft Word file and an Adobe pdf file that contains the pre-formatted Home Inspection report for you to print and use.

2. Copyright License. This allows you to make as many copies as you need for your business or personal use. (The Report Kit cannot be re-sold or provided to anyone else.)

3. Reference Guide: Most Common Home Inspector Comments. This 70-page reference guide lists the most common comments that you will use in the narrative section of the Report Kit. About 80% of comments will be the same from house to house, and they are listed here for easy reference.


home inspectorAbout the author: Mike Pompeii, P.E., is an experienced home inspector, has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Engineering, and is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.). He has also authored several popular books: "Become a Home Inspector!"and "Build Your Own Home!". He developed and refined this HOME INSPECTION REPORT KIT over the course of many years and many home inspections, and uses this report system because it conveys all the important information in a clear and concise manner and the customer and realtor don't have to wait hours or days for their home inspection report.

Here's what others say about the Report Kit:

"Mike, I'm like you in the simpler the better approach...everyone says my reports are clear, concise, and professional...you have made a big difference in my business, and I wanted to thank you."
---Richard M., New York

"I was a little skeptical at first, but after giving the report a try, I have to tell you that I am now hooked."
---Jerry G., Utah

"Hey Mike, really like using the report kit...it's so much easier...no more software hassles for me!"
---Steve T., California

"Your report kit really did simplify my business...and my clients and real estate agents really like the report...thank you!
---Mike B., Florida


You can purchase the "HOME INSPECTION REPORT KIT" for only $79.

You will receive the files in your email within 24 hours of your purchase.

We accept most major credit cards or PayPal.


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home building book GUARANTEE: If you're not completely satisfied with the "Home Inspection Report Kit", just send it back within 2 weeks and we will refund your money. Best wishes-

Mike Pompeii, P.E.



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